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Why is it important to know your numbers???

Many companies start off and want to reduce costs wherever possible, but is this the best practice? Especially for cannabusiness?

Many owners are starting as they want to help others with all the benefits of cannabis, hemp, or CBD. But, for you to continue to grow and get investors, you have to know your financial information is compliant with 280E and that it is updated. You want to be able to show investors that you know where your costs are, what you project to need in the future, and where your business is going.

The best way to do this is hiring accounting with the knowledge of the cannabis arena. We at Knapp Financials is invested in the cannabis/ CBD industries. We want you to grow and know your business. With many states licensing new businesses, this industry is growing in leaps and bounds. What will set you apart will be the handle you have on your financial information. Finding investors, loans, and banks are difficult, so make sure you have the best information available!

If you are ready to discuss your future, book a call today!

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