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Where is your accounting dept?!

Compliance is key for CEO’s! In order to run a successful business, you need to know that you are in compliance on all financial fronts. If you are wondering, “Are we in compliance?”, then we need to get you up to date today!

There are many financial institutions that require up to date financials, they want to know that you are in good standing with your license and accounting.

Are you following 280E accounting?

Is your bookkeeper using Cost Accounting correctly?

Do you have access to your tax accountant and are they looking over your books more than once a year?

If these are not being followed, you could be in danger of high fines, penalties, or even losing your license!

How would you like to know how to manage your accounting department? Are you ready to know the 11 ways to make sure you as the CEO is getting the accounting that you need? If so, comment below and I will send you the guide today!

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