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What is the difference between BAD accounting and GOOD accounting when talking cash 💲💲💲???

In a cash heavy business, you need to make sure that you know the difference between bad cash accounting and good cash accounting! This could mean the difference between having a great month, or having money stolen from you 😡. No one wants that to happen, but are you letting it happen by accident?

Let’s talk about this a little bit… When you have cash accountability, there is less chance of money going missing. We all want to believe that people that work for us are honest and fair, and that the customers we supply are truthful, but sometimes there are some bad 🍏🍏. And sometimes it is just plain human error to have money go missing.

To find out what other steps you should have in place to account for cash, set up a time to chat with us. We would love to help you put GREAT accounting in place 😁.

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