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Cash Flow, do you know it?

Cash flow is critical for businesses, but many owners just aren't sure how to project it.

Do you know what the key components of your cash flow you need to get started? Some may say, that's easy! I look at my bank account and know how much money I can spend. Some may say, I got it, I just look at my expenses and know I am going to be covered.

These are all fine and dandy, until you need to know if you can update your software, or buy a new piece of equipment. Then your cash flow projections need to be accurate and predicted. That is where I would come in!

You need to have reconciled bank numbers to know that you are looking at a real balance. Then you will need your most updated parables and receivables. This will give you your most immediate cash flow, but then you need to be able to look at all other variables to project out 60-90 days.

If you are ready to get some help with projecting out cash flow so you know what is happening with your money, let's talk!

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