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Cannabis Accounting, Are you doing it well?

There are many cannabis companies popping up all over, with medical and recreational uses being approved in more states, there is more need. What many of these companies don't realize is they are leaving money on the table! How? By not having the correct accounting methods in place. There are many accountants out there that can help these companies, but as a CEO, have you asked your accountant or CFO if they are following IRC 280E and 471 guidelines? This is going to be critical as the IRS is coming, and they will continue to show up.

There are many ways to grow and protect your cannabis business, but having your accounting team giving you the right guidance will be immense. Do you want to be caught with out of date books? Non-existent accounting? Of course not! So get on my books today and we can talk about what you need to do next.

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