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I have worked in many industries, but what I have found is that many CEO's are not aware, or know how to adhere to 280E accounting.  If this is you, you are not alone!  There are many accountants out there that will tell you that they will be able to help, but they may not be giving you all the information.

We have developed unique accounting practices that put us in the forefront of cannabis accounting.  We wanted to be able to help cannabis CEO's get their books up to date, give them clarity on the numbers, and peace of mind that all will be well.

We are a boutique firm that looks after the cannabis world.  With our services, we not only provide our exclusive cannabis accounting, but we also provide CFO services.  This would include services such as:

  • GAAP Accruals, including cost accounting

  • Month End CFO Level Tie Out Report

  • Professional/GAAP Financials and Month End Reports

  • 6 Month Rolling Cash forecast

  • 280e Tax workpapers

  • More Time and Peace of Mind 

  • And so much more!

At Knapp Financials we are dedicated to assisting CEOs with their cannabis business.  We have been specially trained with the DOPE CFO system and remain part of the #1 network in the cannabis industry for accounting.

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